Manufacturers and suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers


 The project constantly expands the range and is looking for new suppliers of medical products, products for surgery and other profile products. If you want to become our supplier, please describe the specific advantages of the work with you.

  To start cooperation, you do not need to send presentations a few megabytes in size and do not need to send your prices. Be sure to send a link to your site, and describe in two paragraphs the advantages of working with you in a letter without attachments, presentations and template-based commercial offers.


Indicate your specific advantages:


1. Do you have a common pricing policy? 

2. How quickly do customers' claims on product quality?

4. What is the dealer fee?

5. In what cases does the customer require prepayment?

6. Is delivery possible on the day of the order or the next day?

7. What else ...

 Please send your proposals to the address of, all incoming correspondentship is read, if the offer is of interest to us, we will answer you.